​​Some of What We Carry

Healthful Whole Raw Food (Variety of Brands) 

​Dehydrated and Freeze Dried Food

Premium Dried Kibble

Premium Canned Foods

Healthy/Natural Treats

Outdoor Gear

Accessories Supplements

Digestive Enzymes

Digestible Bones  

​Recreational Bones

We Will Continually Endeavour to Carry Only the Industry's Most Healthy and Well Made Products - That is Our Pledge!


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"I can help you reach us"! 

Learning Centre

Black Sheep Organic

Simply Sublime Shampoos in all kinds of wonderful natural scents!

Adored Beast Apothecary Products Have Arrived - Heard Only Great Things About This Product!

​25% OFF

Glacier Peak Holistic

Pet Stress Tests

​Are In


Bowsers Beds Shipment of Luxury Crate mats has arrived!


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    ​Pets Add Years to OUR Lives
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    Our goal is to make readily available human-grade, healthy and nutrient-rich, species appropriate, and life enhancing products for pets.

    We promise to continue to be trendsetters in our industry by purchasing ONLY from companies that are constantly improving their product line. As the pet food industry grows and advances we will continually improve our product offerings.

    We vow to carry as many Canadian and ECO-Friendly product options that we can while maintaining the quality our customers have come to know and trust.

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